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From Link Magazine:

For decades there has been the argument that much of the work taking place in large office spaces could be accomplished from home. Businesses were loath to test the theory for fear that there would be a reduction in employee productivity, but now, out of necessity, more and more businesses are realizing that the opposite is true. Employees are embracing the challenge; with Covid here for the foreseeable future, working from home effectively is one way to help your business survive.

In order for your remote workforce to be effective, businesses must be efficient and streamlined with their processes, ensuring vital information is readily available. For the Fastener Industry in particular, the synergy between the workplace and remote employees is especially important, and this is where the experts at INxSQL Software excel.

INxSQL is the Fastener Industry’s leading provider of ERP Distribution software and is the go-to resource for fastener professionals who are looking to streamline their processes and maximize their productivity, efficiency and ultimately their profits in this new work from-home era.

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