Committees & Task Forces

NFDA Mission

  • To help our members thrive in the global marketplace

Strategic Objectives for Committees

  • Enhanced membership value
  • Increased member engagement
  • Increased industry recognition and advocacy
  • Improved membership recruitment and retention

If you are interested in joining a committee, email Vickie Lester.

Marketing Committee

 Jennifer Ruetz (Chair)   [email protected]   (262) 639-4200
 Warren Brooks  [email protected]  (810) 364-6636
 Gary Cravens  [email protected]  (972) 446-5503
 Renee Fisher  [email protected]  
 Kelly Kinney  [email protected]  (847) 349-5768
 Erica Strandquist  [email protected]  (317) 704-8624
 Baron Yarborough  [email protected]  (281) 448-4440
 Kirk Zehnder  [email protected]  

Membership Committee

Recruit, welcome and retain members by creating a vehicle to network with the fastener industry by promoting and ultimately increasing their businesses while retaining their membership.

  • Ambassador: Welcome each new member with an office visit or phone call. Invite new members to attend upcoming events. Attend meetings to welcome new members and help them to meet other NFDA members.
  • Retain: Make phone calls to encourage active participation, verify contact information and ensure that members are satisfied with their NFDA membership. Remind NFDA members to take advantage of their member benefits.
  • Recruit: Invite fellow vendors, subs, and business partners to get involved in the NFDA to enjoy all of the member benefits.
 Tom Buddenbohn (Chair)   [email protected]  (817) 923-2900 
 Adam Derry  [email protected] (815) 494-5825
 Kameron Dorsey  [email protected] (847) 353-2004
 Casey McIlhon  [email protected] (515) 278-7030 x101
 Kevin Miller  [email protected] (980) 225-7700
 Adam Pratt  [email protected] (716) 875-0315
Scott Somers  [email protected] (810) 744-0123
Mike White [email protected] (732) 525-8400


Value and Vision Continuity

Ensures there is a high degree of value offered to our membership. Reviews and updates current offerings and programs and explores new value opportunities. This would include affinity programs, trend research, website articles, surveys and result reporting, etc. Safeguards that our value propositions to our membership are in line with our vision.

 Kelly Cole (Chair)   [email protected]
 Sarah Avalos  [email protected]  714-635-3993
 Giovanni Cespedes  [email protected]  704-587-4510
 Marty Goeree  [email protected]  616-406-8252
 Kelly Lehman  [email protected]  909-287-7750
 Jim Lindrup  [email protected]  616-588-8692
 Bob Luzum  [email protected]  651-639-3528
 Jennifer Ruetz  [email protected]  262-898-8639
 Ellen Strange  [email protected]  231-943-8553