Why Join NFDA?

For more than 50 years, NFDA has provided leading fastener distributors and manufacturers with valuable relationships and critical resources to grow and succeed. Let NFDA provide your business with the insights needed to profit in the global economy and plan for long-term growth.

NFDA hosts three meetings a year, providing excellent opportunities to meet other members face to face, as well as education and social opportunities. As a member, you will have access to our many membership benefits, including:

  • Access to NFDA's member database of over 500 fastener professionals
  • Discounted registration for all NFDA events
  • Discounted registration for all Fastener Training Institute courses, Sales Professional Training Camps, and the annual University of Industrial Distribution.
  • Discounted purchase of our annual Profit Report and biennial Employee Compensation Report
  • Business services discounts for Caliper, FastenersClearinghouse.com, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors publications, Office Max, YRC Freight Shipping and more.
  • Free access to quarterly Economic Reports from the Institute of Trend Research and quarterly Profit Improvement Reports, prepared for NFDA by the Profit Planning Group team
  • Free Associate Member Spotlight, included in a weekly email blast
  • Free press release promotion. Just send them to us and we'll tweet them and include them in our news section of the website.
  • Free weekly access to the Kiplinger Letter, (Concise weekly forecasts on business and economic trends, as well as what to expect from Washington).
  • Marketing opportunities in our quarterly newsletter

For questions about how to access these membership benefits, contact Marci Myer.

Membership Levels

  • Associates (Companies that manufacture or import fasteners and sell to fastener distributors)
  • Distributors (companies that provide VMI services to OEMs and/or sell fasteners to end users)
  • Service Providers (companies that provide products or services to the fastener industry: software, shelving, tools, logistics, manufacturer's representatives, etc.).

Membership Dues

  • Associates - Sales Level 1 (Up to 10 million) - $1,500
  • Associates - Sales Level 2 (10.01 - 50 million) - $3,000
  • Associates - Sales Level 3 (Over 50 million) - $4,500
  • Distributors - Sales Level 1 (Up to 10 million) - $1,000
  • Distributors - Sales Level 2 (10.01 - 50 million) - $2,250
  • Distributors - Sales Level 3 (Over 50 million) - $3,750
  • Service Providers - $1,500