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Registered Attendees

(As of 02/10/21) 

Company Name
Air Hydro Power Todd Kesler
Air Hydro Power Jeff McNeill
AIS Jeff Ridder
Assembled Products Casey McIlhon
BTM Manufacturing Jake Davis
Copper State Bolt & Nut Jodie Thinnes
DLP Coatings Jen Kushnir
Eurolink Fastener Supply Service London Penland
Fastco Industries Bruce Tap
Fastco Industries Jonathan Wright
Field Adam Derry
GF&D Systems Jeff Kempka
J. Lanfranco Fastener Systems Jason Baines
Lindapter Patrick Harris
Martin Fastening Laurie Massengill
Mid States Bolt & Screw Marc Somers
Olander Company John Butler
Olander Company David Byrne
Olander Company Jeff Sablan
Optimas EO Solutions Tom Mangan
Sems and Specials Josh Ballard
Sems and Specials Kelly Charles
Sems and Specials Michelle Curry
Sems and Specials Ed Esparaza
Sems and Specials Bruce Hayes
Sems and Specials Sebastian Janas
Sems and Specials Mike Kanaval
Sems and Specials Don Kubkowski
Sems and Specials Becky Russo-Botti
Sems and Specials Darrell Snedigar
Specialty Bolt & Screw Rich Fohlbrook
Specialty Bolt & Screw Jon Queenin
Vertex Distribution Michael Robinson
Western Wire Products Co. Michael Basler
Wing-Hamlin Company Jeff Adams
Wing-Hamlin Company Michael Hamlin
Wing-Hamlin Company Mike Hoffman
Wing-Hamlin Company Nicole Korb
Wing-Hamlin Company Cory Wing