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2017 Joint Conference Attendee List
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Attendee List

(As of 3-14-17)



Conference & Tabletop Show Attendees
Company First Last Title
Ababa Bolt Kevin Chappell  Materials Manager
Ababa Bolt Cathy Law   
Ababa Bolt Jim Law
Ababa Bolt David LeBel  Branch Manager
Ababa Bolt Larry Lockshaw  Outside Sales
Ababa Bolt Oliver Padilla  Inside Sales
Ababa Bolt Steve Sosky  Technical Sales & Training
Ababa Bolt Sara Webb  Sales Asst.
Abbott-Interfast Bob Baer President 
Accutite Fasteners Shane Murray General Manager
Accutite Fasteners Adam Wallerstein Operations Manager 
Active Fasteners & Supply Paul Jensen   
Active Fasteners & Supply Paula Jensen   
Advance Components Brad Burel National Sales Manager
Advance Components Gary Cravens President
Advanced Cable Ties Bob Miele Regional Sales Manager
AFI Industries Rob Kleckner President 
AFI Industries Kamil Tometczak Account Manager
AIS Jennifer Ruetz Marketing Director 
All America Threaded Products Melody Keown Senior Account Manager 
All American Systems Debbie Urhausen  
All American Systems Sarah Urhausen   
All American Systems Stephen Urhausen   
All State Fastener Tony Giorgio President 
American Fastener Journal Tom Massar President / Publisher 
American Ring Adele Cisneros Customer Serice Representative 
American Ring Robert Morrissey   
Anderson Metals Paul DuBay National Sales Manager
Apex Fasteners David Oleson Account Exec 
Askew Industrial Maureen Garcia  Buyer
Askew Industrial Tommy Pinon Buyer 
Askew Industrial Nora Salazar Buyer 
Askew Industrial Kathie Swenson Regional Territory Manager 
Askew Industrial Elizabeth Ton  Buyer
Atlas, A Penn Engineering Brand Chad Cowger  Central Regional Sales Manager
Atlas, A Penn Engineering Brand Richard Kull  Atlas Global Product Manager
AVK Industrial Products Jeff Hahn  
AVK Industrial Products Jamie Lawrence Director of Sales/Marketing
AVK Industrial Products Sam Underwood Western Regional Manager 
AZ Lifting Hardware Chuck Smith President
Bamal Fastener Corporation Kevin Miller President 
Beacon Fasteners and Components Dennis Clark Account Sales Manager
Beacon Fasteners and Components Kameron Dorsey National Sales Manager
BeaWest Fasteners Craig Beaty Sales
BeaWest Fasteners Mark  Beaty Owner
BeaWest Fasteners Susan Beaty  
Bisco Industries Joshua Fuentes Sales Manager 
Bisco Industries Luke Ortiz Sales Manager 
Bisco Industries Scott Webb Area Sales Manager 
Bodycote Thermal Processing Chad Beamer Technical Services Manager 
Bodycote Thermal Processing Derek Dandy Market Development Engineer 
Brighton-Best International Steve Andrasik VP of Sales 
Brighton-Best International Rosa Hearn Product Manager - Proferred Rivets 
Brighton-Best International George Martinez Regional Manager
Brighton-Best International Jorge Rosales Territory Manager 
Brighton-Best International Rachel Spilman 
Brighton-Best International Jun Xu President 
Brikksen Dee Ward Manager
Brikksen TBD
Bryce Fastener Brian  Hill Marketing/Sales 
Buckeye Fasteners Company Larry Kelly Business Development Manager
Buckeye Fasteners Company Donnie Kirkwood Sales & Business Development 
BW Industrial Sales Donald Lemmons   
BW Industrial Sales John Taylorson   
Cable Tie Express Char Cooper Founder 
Cable Tie Express Ty Whitacre President
Capital Marketing Gina Gilchrist   
Capital Marketing Robbie Gilchrist   
Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems David Myers  President
Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems Marlisa Myers   
Computer Insights Denny Cowhey COB
Conerly Consulting Bill Conerly Speaker 
Copper State Bolt & Nut Gigi Calfee  VP Purchasing
Copper State Bolt & Nut Sarah Shannon  Managing Director
Copper State Bolt & Nut Paul Tiffany VP
Cordova Bolt Mark Cordova President 
CSM Fastener Products Jeff Gagliano  Director of Sales
CSM Fastener Products Jeff Schaefer  CSM Fastener Products
CT Tech Jane Liang Office Manager
CT Tech Hemen Lee President 
Darling Bolt Company Connie Davis   
Darling Bolt Company Tony Davis  Branch Manager
Desert Distribution Beth VanZandt  Sales 
Desert Distribution John Wachman Owner
Distribution One Mike Kolker Sales
Distribution One Steve Monks Sales
Distributor's Link Magazine Tracey Lumia Sales & Marketing Director
DT Sales Dale Tarantino President 
Duncan Bolt Andy Cohn President 
Duncan Bolt Barbara Cohn   
Duncan Bolt Virginia Cohn   
Duncan Bolt Ashley Schad   
Earnest Machine Kirk Zehnder   
EFC International Tom Buddenbohn New Business Development 
Element Materials Technology Jim Riley GM
Elgin Fastener Group Brian Nadel CEO 
Elgin Fastener Group Susan Sterley Inside Sales & Customer Service Manager 
Elgin Fastener Group Lindsay Thompson   
Elite Fasteners Jason Mizner National Sales Manager
Empire Bolt & Screw Ron Stanley President/CEO 
E-Z Lok Steve Schaeper Division Manager
Falcon Fastening Solutions Don Nowak President 
Fastener Mart Dennis Martin Vice President 
Fastener Training Institute Jo Morris Marketing Director
FCH Sourcing Network Lynn Dempsey   
FCH Sourcing Network Eric Dudas   
FCH Sourcing Network Brian Musker   
FCH Sourcing Network Jackie Ventura   
Fontana Fasteners Charles Franck  Key Account Manager D.O.D. & D.O.T.
Fontana Fasteners Rich Megliola  Director of Sales North America
Fuller Colin Ash   
Fuller Hans Fuller GM
Fuller Karin Fuller   
Gexpro Services Megan Rios Sourcing & Inventory Director 
Gexpro Services Sharon Wang Sourcing Specialist 
G.L. Huyett Dan Harriger VP Sales
Glaser and Associates Josh Glaser VP
Glaser and Associates Baxter Tilford Western Regional Sales Manager
Global Fastener News John Wolz   
H.W. Eckhardt Kristine Albertalli  Owner
H.W. Eckhardt Luke Carlton Sales
H.W. Eckhardt Joe Cenk GM
H.W. Eckhardt John Eckhardt Owner
H.W. Eckhardt Tammy Slemmer Customer Service
Hayes Bolt & Supply Kelly Cole GM
Hi-Performance Fastening Systems Vincent Cartina Sales Manager
Hi Q Fasteners Ken Rosenblatt  
Holokrome Andrew Taylor VP 
Home Depot / Crown Bolt Erick Fischer Sourcing Specialist 
Home Depot / Crown Bolt Kimberly Fischer Purchasing Manager 
Home Depot / Crown Bolt Ambar Garcia Sr. Purchasing Agent 
Home Depot / Crown Bolt Grad Jasperson Purchasing Agent 
Home Depot / Crown Bolt Cassie Robb Sr. Manager Special Orders 
Home Depot / Crown Bolt Brianna Salit Special Orders Associate 
The Houghtailing Group Ann marie Houghtailing Speaker 
Huron Automatic Screw Jann Brooks   
Huron Automatic Screw Warren Brooks VP Sales and Marketing
Ideal Fasteners Benji Perez   
Ideal Fasteners Facundo Quiroga   
Ifastgroupe / Infasco Richard Samuel Vice President Sales and Marketing 
IFE Americas Erika Ward   
IFE Americas Robert Ward  CEO
Incentive Sales Karen Ardizone Owner
Industrial Rivet & Fastener Maryilyn Howard
Industrial Rivet & Fastener Jim Howard National Sales Manager
Industrial hreaded Products Clay Weaver Director of Sourcing & Materials 
Infinity Fasteners Robert Spielberger Branch Manager 
Inland Tool Solutions Nick Wohler  Owner
Intercorp Jorge Argueta Account Executive 
Intercorp Juan Cortez Branch Manager 
Intercorp David Harlan Director of Marketing
INxSQL Software Keith Jones VP Sales
JSP Components USA Silke Buchholz CEO 
Kanebridge Vic LaPoma Marketing Manager
Kanebridge Roman Quintanar CSR
Keystone Bolt & Supply Jason Marshall   
Keystone Bolt & Supply John D. Marshall   
Keystone Bolt & Supply John R. Marshall   
Keystone Bolt & Supply Mary Jayne Marshall   
The Lab - Materials Testing Chris Elder Sales Manager 
The Lab - Materials Testing Rob LaPointe General Manager 
Lightning Bolt Bryon Diller President 
Lindstrom Fastener Group Bernie Longen VP
Lindstrom Fastener Group Matt Sall Regional Sales Manager
Logistics Planning Services Hannah Cross  Operations Manager
Long-Lok Fasteners Larry Sheetz Sales Rep
M & G Fasteners Mariano Rodriguez Sales 
M & G Fasteners Andrea Segovia Sales 
M & M Fasteners Ben Bloom Sales 
M & M Fasteners Eunice Hajek CEO 
M & M Fasteners Nacho Lopez Purchasing 
M & M Fasteners Michael Yandoli Operations 
Maximum Fasteners Jessie Castro Sales Assistant
Maximum Fasteners Anuar Mora Sales Representative
Maximum Fasteners Jason Perez Sales Representative
McMaster-Carr Sean Caster  Merchandising Director
Metric & Multistandard Components Rich Cavoto National Sales Manager
Metric & Multistandard Components John Gaudette Branch Manager
Micro Products Company William Banks CEO/President 
Mr Washerman Boris Elbaum President
Mr Washerman Yelena Yershova  Marketing
ND Industries Kelly Marzano   
ND Industries Tim Marzano  President of International Operations
ND Industries David Palmquist Asst. GM
NIFMSE Morgan Wilson Business Development Manager 
North State Fastener Alison Hubbard President 
Nylok Sarah Avalos Sales Manager
Nylok Rick Simpson Regional Sales Manager
The Olander Company John Butler Director of Sales 
The Olander Company Edna Hollenbach  
The Olander Company Robert Hollenbach Purchasing Manager 
The Olander Company Michelle Richards  Director of Operations
Pacific Bolt Manufacturing Trevor Borland Sales 
Pacific Bolt Manufacturing Carey Stankov  General Manager
Pacific Coast Bolt Tony Daniels General Manager 
Pacific Coast Bolt Robert Gardner President
Pacific Coast Bolt Don Wilcox Purchasing Manager
Pacific Warehouse Sales Edgar Huerta Territory Manager 
Pacific Warehouse Sales Deb Kanne President 
Pacific Warehouse Sales Kelly Lehman VP Sales & Marketing
Pacific Warehouse Sales Bill Lusky Territory Manager 
Pacific Warehouse Sales John Reid Territory Manager 
Parker Fasteners Matthew Boyd VP of Sales 
Parker Fasteners Robert Parker President 
Partner Source Solutions Eddie Bader  Account Executive
Partner Source Solutions Manish Bhardia Owner
Partner Source Solutions Brian Iinuma President
Partner Source Solutions Eric Klauss  Partner
Pencom Steve Blank   
Pencom John M. Doherty   
Pencom Jim Moir   
Pencom Jonathan Rodriguez   
Portland Screw Kate Kendall Office Manager 
Portland Screw Steve Kendall   
Prowest Marketing Jason Bertone
Prowest Marketing Terry May Sales Rep
Prowest Marketing George Schneider
R&D Fasteners Jeff Curtis
R&D Fasteners Chris McCaffrey National Sales Manager
R&D Fasteners Ryan McCaffrey
R&D Fasteners Robert Molina
R&D Fasteners Brad Stuit
RIE Coatings Todd Wenthold VP Global Sales 
Rivet & Eyelet Technologies Patrick Brooks CEO
Rivet & Eyelet Technologies Matt Nerney Regional Sales Manager
R.L. English Marty Nolan   
Rotor Clip Company Darya Daniels   
Rotor Clip Company Sara Mallo VP Sales
Sems & Specials Bruce Hayes  President
Sems & Specials Don Kubkowski  Sales Manager
Sherex Fastening Solutions Jeff Bush Western Regional Sales Manager
Sherex Fastening Solutions Jake  Glaser   
Smith Fasteners Ron Clark General Manager 
Smith Fasteners Carlos Quintanilla Office Manager 
Socket Source MaryEllen Dinicola General Manager 
Socket Source Johnny Meneses Sr. Acct Manager 
Socket Source Paul Vittori President
Solution Industries Jim Jordan Sourcing & Mill Director 
Southern Fasteners & Supply Andy Maule   
Southern Fasteners & Supply Chris Rodriguez   
Southern Fasteners & Supply Joe Sandoval   
Southern Fasteners & Supply Scott Thompson   
Southern Fasteners & Supply Gene Yates Vice President 
Southwest Fastener Ken Lubbering  President
Spaenaur Lindsay Farrell  Product Portfolio Manager
Spaenaur Martin Pepin  Product Manager
Specialty Tool & Bolt Scott Wardlaw President 
Specialty Sales Robert Lopez   
Spencer Products Katherine Gilmore  
Spencer Products Michael Gilmore Branch Manager
Spencer Products Bryn Stock   
Spencer Products Henk Stock  Purchasing
SPIROL Michael Lentini National Sales Manager-Distribution
Spring Bolt & Nut Manufacturing Baron  Yarborough Director of Sales 
Star Stainless Screw Jamie Adams  
Star Stainless Screw Kevin Chavis Regional Manager
Star Stainless Screw Sheri Dee   
Star Stainless Screw Omar Espinoza   
Star Stainless Screw Julie Henry   
Star Stainless Screw Lindsay Kupsco   
Star Stainless Screw Fernando Padilla   
Star Stainless Screw Pat Roberto   
Star Stainless Screw Tim Roberto Sr   
Star Stainless Screw Tim Roberto  President
Star Stainless Screw Bryan Wheeler National Sales Manager 
State Industrial Supply Mark Larson President 
Stelfast Don Haggerty President 
Stelfast Todd McRoberts   
Stelfast Dan Natividad Branch Manager
Stelfast OJ Simpson National Sales Manager 
Stelfast Doug Weiland Western Regional Sales 
SWD Matthew Delawder VP Sales/Marketing
Tamper-Pruf Screws Renee Medina  Sales Manager
Tamper-Pruf Screws
Tamper-Pruf Screws TBD
Tamper-Pruf Screws
Tamper-Pruf Screws
THB Corey Bell CEO 
Tortoise Fastener Brett Peddie Manager
Tortoise Fastener Danielle Peddie   
Trinity Logistics Corp Dan Zehnder  
Ultra Fastener Joyce Proteau   
Ultra Fastener Richard Proteau   
United Fastener Albero Elicia Sales 
United Fastener Charlie Gregg Sales 
United Fastener Armando Luna Sales/Purchasing 
United Fastener Tom McAllister GM 
Valley Fastener Group Brian Prodoehl Director of Sales 
Vertex Distribution Mark Jojola Sales
Vertex Distribution Dave Kujanek VP
Vertex Distribution Brian Roy VP Sales
Volt Industrial Plastics Pam Lane Customer Service Rep 
Volt Industrial Plastics Heidi Volltrauer COO 
WCL Company Dena Beaty Sales 
WCL Company Mike Glynn   
WCL Company Craig Harper President
WCL Company Holly McDaniel Sales 
W.J. Roberts Matt Roberts  Mechanical Engineer
W.J. Roberts Sheila Roberts   
W.J. Roberts William Roberts   
Women in the Fastener Industry Rosa Hearn Board Member
WTC Services Tom White Owner
The Wurth Group Bernd Herrmann Central Managing Board 
The Wurth Group Julia Kipf Assistant 
The Wurth Group Peter  Zuern  Deputy Chairman 
Wurth Industry North America Ryan Kuss National Accounts Quote Manager 
Wurth Industry North America Michelle Olson Technical Quote Specialist 
Wurth Industry North America Heather Stewart Vice President of Supply Chain 
Wurth Industry North America Marc Strandquist  EVP, North America
Wurth Industry North America Vonda Strandquist   
Wurth Timberline Fasteners Linda Doran  
Wurth Timberline Fasteners Russ Doran  President
Wurth Timberline Fasteners Carla Smith   
Wurth Timberline Fasteners Ed Smith Director of Purchasing
Young Fastener Professionals Ryan Kertis  Board of Directors
Young Fastener Professionals Aaron Shushan Board of Directors 
YRC Freight Jeff Delancy Sr. Account Executive 
Optional Activities
Active Fasteners & Supply Paul Jensen 
Bamal Fastener Corporation Kevin Miller 
Bodycote Derek Dandy 
Brighton-Best International Scott Gibson 
Brighton-Best International Peggy Hsieh 
Brighton-Best International George Martinez 
Brighton-Best International Jorge Rosales 
Cable Tie Express Char Cooper 
Cable Tie Express Ty Whitacre 
Computer Insights Denny Cowhey 
CT Tech Hemen Lee 
Desert Distribution John Wachman 
Industrial Threaded Products Dustin Card 
Industrial Threaded Products Garrett Futrell 
Industrial Threaded Products Alex Vong 
Industrial Threaded Products Clay Weaver 
INxSQL Software Keith Jones 
Kanebridge Corporation Vic LaPoma 
Kanebridge Corporation Roman Quintanar 
Metric & Multistandard Components Rich Cavoto
Metric & Multistandard Components John Gaudette
Nylok Sarah Avalos 
Nylok Rick Simpson 
The Olander Company John Butler 
R&D Fasteners Chris McCaffrey 
Semblex Gene Simpson
Sherex Fastening Solutions Jeff Bush 
Sherex Fastening Solutions Jake Glaser 
Southwest Fastener Ken Lubbering
Spaenaur Lindsay Farrell 
Spaenaur Martin Pepin 
Spring Bolt & Nut Manufacturing Baron Yarborough 
Star Stainless Screw Kevin Chavis 
Star Stainless Screw Tim Roberto Sr
Stelfast Todd McRoberts 
Stelfast Dan Natividad 
Stelfast OJ Simpson 
Stelfast Doug Weiland 
Tortoise Fastener Brett Peddie 
WTC Services Will Snyder 
Spouse/Guest Queen Mary Tour
Ababa Bolt Cathy Law 
Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems Marlisa Myers 
Duncan Bolt Barbara Cohn 
Duncan Bolt Virginia Cohn 
IFE Americas Erika Ward 
Portland Screw Kate Kendall 
Spencer Products Katherine Gilmore 
Star Stainless Screw Jamie Adams 
Star Stainless Screw Lindsay Kupsco 
Star Stainless Screw Pat Roberto 
Tortoise Fastener Danielle Peddie 
Wurth Timberline Fasteners Linda Doran 
Wurth Timberline Fasteners Carla Smith 


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Seal Beach CA 90740
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